Sunday, 25 December 2011

Dear Santa...

I guess you've seen what a good girl I've been this year.  Thank you for my awesome new presents you brought me this year.

I love my new hooded sweater.  It will be great to wear after I get back from running or before the start of a race.  I'm very excited to try out my new compression socks they really help my calves feel better while I'm running.  The gloves, hat and pants were perfect for the run I went on today to help work off my food baby I built up at brunch before making another one at dinner.  But most of all Santa, thank you for my shiny new purple laptop.  It will make blogging and everything else I do at home on a computer so much easier.  I'm glad you didn't put me on the naughty list if you heard me while I was trying to post the pictures from Greece.

Thanks again for all of my wonderful gifts.  I'll have a much shorter list next year - promise.


Crazy Mother Runner

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