Thursday, 1 December 2011

Greece Wrap Up

It has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would to go through the pictures from Greece and create this post.  Between a sick child requiring multiple visits to the doctor's office and a vehicle that has been parked inside a mechanic shop for awhile I haven't had the time I'd like to pick a few pictures from our vacation.  Almost all of these were taken by my official race photographer - my hubs.

It was really nice to go through these photos again especially when this is what my front yard looked like this morning...

Baby its cold outside.

Without further ado.... I present GREECE!
Look I'm tiny ;-)

This is not Greece.  This is Rome on the tarmac where we landed after flying from Toronto.  We had to take a bus, go through crazy Roman security, race to our gate, get on another bus which dropped us off at the same spot we had gotten on the first bus.

This was what most of the streets around our hotel looked like.  I think this terrain actually helped my legs recover faster after the marathon.

On our second day in Greece, we went to the acropolis and wandered around through the Plaka district and the Roman Agora.  This is me at the acropolis or more accurately the Parthenon.

This is a view of Athens from the acropolis.  The city sprawled as far as you could see on all sides.

Here are some restaurants and shops in the Plaka district
 We took this boat to Hydra.

Shots of Hydra

We went out West a few years ago and drove through the Rocky mountains.  We didn't see any mountain goats there ... but they were on Hydra
Our Hydra tour dog - Tropha

The day after we went to Hydra, we took a tour to Delphi to see the Temple of Apollo.  I didn't find the Oracle, but we had fun.  At this point in our vacation, another couple had also joined us - Brad and Carey.  The tour group was a little slow for our pace, but the bus ride to Delphi was quite nice.

I think at this point Brad & Carey are the only ones in our group still paying attention.
Tracey & I
The stadium at Delphi

Tracey taking a picture (obviously) me - not sure what that's about.

After we went to Delphi, we went out for dinner at a restaurant called Strophi.  Tracey & I are drinking ouzo the proper way - over ice and sipping it. Opa!
Another shot from the restaurant.  You can see it has a great view.

After we ran the marathon we went out for dinner at a place that had Greek music and dancing.
Other amazing shots

Oh... and these pictures too.

Temple of the Olympian Zeus these are the tallest columns in Greece at 54 ft!
The reconstructed ancient agora

The Roman agora

There were so many shots I'm missing.  But its wayyyy passed my bedtime.  I have gone on a few other vacations with great pictures that I think I will post on.  Look for New York in the near future.  Sadly I have yet to run there... but someday!

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