Thursday, 8 December 2011

Still Chilling Out? - Maybe

I have been trying to follow my own advice from my last post.  My workout schedule for this week has been:
Monday - 50 min plyometrics class
Tuesday - 5k run (easy) & 90 intense yoga class
Wednesday - 7k tempo run
Thursday - 1 hour gentle yoga class & 5k run (fast - for me 23min 30 sec)

Tomorrow I will do a step class and Saturday I will run at least 10k at an easy pace.  So the working out is covered.

I also recreated the ginger beet juice I had in Greece.  I'll post that recipe later along with a few other juice recipes.  Other than that I have been eating pretty well.  Nothing too outrageous.  Next week may be another story.  I have 2 lunches out and a Christmas party both Friday and Saturday.  But like I said in my last post - its not worth stressing about overeating, just try to balance it out.

As for the chilling out part.... today was one of those crazy days.  The full moon is supposed to be Saturday so maybe weird things were just getting a head start.  My husband left this morning on a guys weekend and I had to have him dropped off on my way to work to leave for the airport.  We also had to put our kids on the bus.  Here's where the wheels fell off... I forgot my parking pass in a different vehicle (long story), when I put my daughter on the bus, I forgot to hand her her skates she needed for school today.  When I dropped her skates off (which made my husband late) I didn't see her teacher.  No one noticed the skates in the classroom, my daughter was calling me and my father-in-law to bring her the skates... you get the picture.

Remember this guy... that was me this morning.

By the time the afternoon rolled around things were much better.  I was feeling like Murphy's law was no longer ruling my life.  In fact, I had survived the morning and what doesn't drive you batty only makes you... who knows.   I felt brave enough to take care of some of the stuff I need to for Christmas.

First I made this for the party I'm going to tomorrow night ..

Here's the link to the recipe -  Its a brownie pumpkin pie with pecan topping and its vegan! This is amazing

While the brownie was baking I also made this for my front door.

I know its like Martha Stewart invaded my body. 

After my craft time I was left with a bit of a mess

No worries - I own a Dyson.  That baby can suck up anything... well maybe not...

Yeah - that stuff that was stuck in the power head is from Halloween.  Awesome.

So here's to number 5 on my list.  No words necessary.

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