Friday, 9 December 2011

Burlington Santa Claus Run 2009

I haven't posted any race recaps for a while.  So here is a suitable seasonal one.  My tenth and final run of 2009 was the Burlington Santa Claus Run.  This was a fun run.  Everyone in this race is dressed in a Santa Suit including a beard.  I have to admit that I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.  My belt (along with hundreds of others) broke in the cold weather.  They ended up all over the course.  But given the fact that thousands of inexpensive Santa Suits are required, a quality belt may not be high on the priority list.

This race is pretty cool to run in because everyone is in red and white.  I did not consider this race anything more than a training run or a form of entertainment.  You are wearing a Santa suit after all.  I would suggest having a meeting spot picked out for after the finish line prior to the the race in case you end up separated from your group. 

There is a great breakfast following the race and given the popularity of the race in recent years, new venues have been added to accommodate the increase in runners.  The year I ran this race, you could not buy breakfast for spectators so we ended up going somewhere else for breakfast, but the people who I spoke with who did stay said the food was great.

Group shot before the race - a perfect day for a run
Look the real Santa even made it for this race!

I would love to run this race some year with my kids.  I think they would love it.  Maybe next year....

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